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Thread: So sick of clogging up

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    Default So sick of clogging up

    Okay, DS is 10 1/2 months old and has been almost exclusively bfing the whole time. I have gotten mastitis twice when he was about 7 months old, but nothing since. Well, in the past week I have clogged up once, almost lost my supply and now am clogging up again in the same spot! I thought it cleared after the first time, but it was still a little sore in one spot, and I thought it was probably just sore from all the massaging I had done to try to get it out. I think maybe it wasn't cleared all the way and since I was barely producing, I didn't get as clogged up. So, now my milk is back and it's clogged again! I am keeping warm compresses on it as much as I can and have pumped after my son fed and still no relief! Why does this happen and any ideas on how to get it to go away?

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    The soreness after the clog is normal. The area will feel "bruised" for several days after the clog has passed.

    As for repeating clogs, has anything changed? A different bra? Sleeping in a different position? Wearing a new carrier? Carrying a diaper bag on one shoulder? Repetative arm movements (vacuuming, cashier)?

    Here's some info:


    Keep us updated!

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