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    Hi there!

    On other fora I am on, the question regularily arises about relactating.

    Often the situation is that a mother started feeding too much solids and baby comes to depend on them over the weeks.
    Mother wants to nurse more again, but supply has dropped drastically.
    I would say to give a nursing supplementer a go.
    But is that something you can do on your own? Or rather under supervision?
    Also, until what age will a baby accept a NS in general?

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    I am a little confused by your question. How old are the babies in question? Are they being given large quantities of solid foods? Solids are supposed to be complimentary, not in place of, breastmilk or formula during the first year of life, and shouldn't be started until baby is about 6 months old.

    When a baby seems to be nursing less because of overuse of solids, the best thing to do is to give less solid food and nurse very frequently. Usually, a few days of frequent nursing will increase mothers supply up to where it needs to be. A nursing supplimenter would normally not be needed. Mothers in this situation would do well to nurse their baby before offering solids, and to only offer solids in very small amounts. During the first year, solid foods are about learning to eat and enjoy food, and not about calories.

    Does that help?


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