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Thread: How Much Milk??

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    As much as I don't want to I will be returning to work soon. My job as a flight attendant means I will be away overnight from DS on the weekends. I am wondering does anyone have any suggestions on how much milk I should leave? He is 7mth and I have just introduced solids. I have been pumping and freezing hoping to not have to supplement with formula! This BF and working is very stressful. I really appreciate having this forum.

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    I think it would depend on how much your DS is eating daily. My DD is 6 mos and feeds 5x a day (3x from me and 2x from EBM), give or take. If I were to leave her for a day I'd probably leave 5 6-oz bottles, plus an extra just in case. My DD is eating a few solids, but not really enough to change the number of BM feedings.

    Can you pump when you're gone? Seems like it would be tough! I wish you the best!

    Mom to Avery Rose

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    Good for you! I have talked with several mothers have done exactly the same thing you are.

    You might try to thinking about how many times per day your ds nurses, then go from there. A good average would be 3-6 ounces per bottle. If your baby nurses frequently, he might prefer 3 ounce bottles. If your baby nurses 5 or less times a day, he might prefer 5-6 ounces per bottle.

    HTH a little. If you need more info, do not hesitate to ask! Good luck to you!

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