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    Ok my left breast is sore and red (areola area). Could it be a plugged duct? I did the shower to help and didn't get much milk out. I know nursing will help.
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    maybe this will help!
    hope you are fealing beter soon!

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    When I think I had a plugged duct on Monday, there was no redness where you're talking about. I noticed I wasn't pumping hardly anything and as the day wore on, my boob got hard in one area, a bit warm to the touch and started to hurt - like I was engorged. I put LO on when I got home from work and she cleared it out for me. Poor thing - she was doing some major swallowing when the dam broke open, but she seemed happy afterward and took a little nap. She did spit up a small amount, though, and she never spits up. That's how I'm pretty sure this was my problem. Fortunately, it was short lived. So, I recommend nurse, nurse, nurse that side if this is what you think you have.


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