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Thread: Worried Sick!

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    I just wanted to quickly say that you may want to get a weight check for your LO. Just call the ped and ask to stop by. When my LO was about 2 weeks old, she wasn't pooping, but she was peeing, and it was actually because she wasn't getting enough milk and had lost a lot of weight. If your little one is pooping every few days pretty regularily then I wouldn't worry about it, but if it has been over a week with NO poops at all you may want to double check.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emama View Post
    I haven't read all the posts but in response to your concerns...

    -Pumping does not give you an adequate idea of your supply. The baby takes far more from your breast than pumping does. What is means is that you're not good at pumping (a lot of people aren't), not that you're not good at breastfeeding. My LO can eat for an hour on my left breast and have milk dribbling from her mouth but when I pump the left breast, even early in the morning after being asleep for many hours, I frequently only get 1 oz. That doesn't mean that there is just one ounce in there - it just means that's all I can pump.

    -Breasts tend to leak when they don't know how much to make. The lack of leaking sometimes just means that they've stabilized. I know that was the case with mine. They leaked in the beginning but they stopped. Now they only leak when I've had milk in them for many many hours without BFing or pumping. Don't worry about the leaking.

    -Your LO may be more satisfied-seeming with the formula because it's heavier and harder to digest so it makes them very sleepy and they'll conk out for longer than they will with breastmilk. Also,milk/formula flows very easily out of fake nipples. LOs have to work to get it out of real nipples.

    -My LO was early as well and very small. Her suck was weak and even the LLL LC we worked with said to just use bottles in the beginning. Since I only pumped 1/2 oz at a time, it was impossible to make all-breastmilk bottles for her so we used mostly formula in the beginning with a little breastmilk mixed in. Don't worry about doing that if you have to. Your baby has to eat. I'm one of the few on this site who is grateful for formula because without it, my LO would have starved for the first 5 weeks. As she gained in strength and learned to nurse, we reduced the amount of formula she gets by a lot. Don't worry - it can be done!

    Best of luck to you!
    Thank you so much for all the support my DH still thinks we need to do formula only because I'm so tired, and I'm not getting any rest. The formula seemed to work last night, I got a good 4 hours of sleep last night for the first time in 2 days. He fought and fought me the night before he was very angry because he didnt' seem to be getting enough breastmilk. So I had to do that other wise we would of both been angry and exhausted.

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    Don't be discouraged. You are doing a wonderful job and you came to the right place for help and support...

    You should definitely have your latch checked just to be sure. I had latch problems in the beginning and DS wasn't getting what he needed. I started to pump on the third day pp (so my supply was not a problem) and we ended up giving the pumped milk to DS while we worked endlessly on latch. By about 2 1/2 months, he was doing very well.

    And...keep up that pumping! You can pump 5 min after LO's fed in the morning when your supply is greatest.

    Don't give up - you can do this mama!!!
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