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Thread: dumb doctors..grr

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    Default dumb doctors..grr

    I know i wrote about this in my lower post but i'm just so upset i guess you could say. just need to vent.
    My b-day is tomorrow, hubby has to work so we went out today for dinner. I'm not really ready to bf in public just yet, i'm very shy about it. so i pumped a bottle for ds. well he started crying in the restaurant so i decided to feed him his bottle. and low and behold he did pretty much the same thing he does when hes on my breast, start stoping with screaming crying in between. its so hard to feed him now a days, it takes an hour to finish feeding completely. or his new thing he started today, only eating for 5 minutes and not wanting to eat anymore. I know a week ago he never did this, he could eat from the breast or bottle fine without screaming and having what seems like horrible gas pains. he use to be able to fall asleep eating, now it just upsets him. how could a doctor write this off as normal? i know in my gut its not normal. telling me theres "Nothing" they can do to help or make him more comfortable. been trying to use gripe water to help, but its not helping too much. going back to the doctors wednesday hope this new doctor has another opinion.
    sorry had to vent

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    I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time. I hope the Dr figures something out on Wednesday. It is so hard to have a fussy baby...I know, I've been through it twice now, and am still in the midst of it. Hang in there, trust your gut, and do what you know to be best for your little one and things will get better. I say that as reassurance for myself too....my favorite phrase that I remind myself constantly on those difficult days "this too shall pass". I know someday I will miss the little baby stage, but at this point I wonder if I really will!! They can't be fussy forever...it has to get better.
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    Happy Birthday!! Just some encouragement, there will actually come a moment when you miss the little baby that needed you. I promise.

    Take a minute for yourself today, even if it is just an extra long shower!
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