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Thread: Thanksgiving food for 9 mo?

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    Default Thanksgiving food for 9 mo?

    What foods are you letting your 9 month old eat on Thanksgiving? I'll give her turkey, but not sure what else is okay. She doesn't do dairy yet. Are craberries too acidic? too tart? does stuffing have too much salt? All these questions! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Thanksgiving food for 9 mo?

    Mine is 11.5 months, but we offer the same things now that we did at 9 months. I'm crossing my fingers that the turkey will help him sleep. I will be offering everything except dessert, cranberry sauce (added sugar?), green bean casserole (MSG in the cream soup), and stuffing (sensitive to wheat). Turkey, sweet potatoes, veggies, mashed potatoes (you could ask whoever is preparing them to leave some plain, without the butter/milk).

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    Default Re: Thanksgiving food for 9 mo?

    I'll probably let my lo try whatever she seems interested in.

    She's had stuffing and liked it. She likes roast chicken, so I'm sure she'll like turkey. You can pick greenbeans out of the casserole and rinse them if you're worried about the sodium- I've done that with my dad's greenbeans (cooked with bacon grease). Mashed potatoes are always a hit, and a great hair treatment according to my dd.

    We always have fruit salad, it's sort of a family tradition, so I know she'll like that.
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    Default Re: Thanksgiving food for 9 mo?

    At 9 months we intorduced cranberries to my LO and she loved them. We bought them as fresh organic berries and I boiled them. They Pop open when they are done and then i let them simmer a little longer just to get them super soft for her. Rinse to cool and serve! I will say we only gave 6-8 at a time for the first month to make sure they were ok on her system b/c she was prone to getting stopped up (which I found a little coconut milk solves).
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