Thanks, everyone. I will try these. I have not been firm about not offering formula if she rejects the breast, because I hate seeing her hungry, but maybe I have to deal with that and see if she will cave before I cave!

Also, I love the idea of a nursing necklace! She loves necklaces anyway, so that is an awesome suggestion.

Thanks so much to everyone for the suggestions!!!

If there are any other ideas on how to reignite her former passion for bf, please share them.

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A couple questions for those also doing formula feedings. My daughter is almost 6 months old, and I am wondering 1) do I need to move to Stage 2 nipples on her bottles? I don't like the sound of "Fast Flow" nipples; sounds like an express track to get her fed up with breastfeeding (and she's already kinda noticing that bf takes more effort!);

2) Any suggestions for keeping her interested in bf now that she has started solid foods? Between solids, and thumb sucking, and the fact that she has become a TON more active and mobile and easily distracted in the past month, she has a hard time settling down to bf these days. She used to LOVE to breastfeed and would have been happy to be on the breast 24/7. Even up to 5 months, she still loved it. But as soon as her first roll over, it started to change.

Now, she prefers the bottle because she can suck it down and then get on with her playtime. We switched to First Years BreastFlow bottles because they promote sucking similar to bf nursing, and also the baby really has to suck to get the milk, and they helped a bit, they were an improvement on her old bottles, but still...

If anyone has suggestions, I'd really appreciate them.