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Thread: SNS: What do you think?

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    Question SNS: What do you think?

    Hi Everyone! I exclusively BF the first 5-6 wks, but then at six weeks thrush was so bad DS refused to nusre at all, barely took a bottle. I started to gradually wean my son. We've had thrush since he was 3 wks, then I got mastits. These things, along with the sleepless nights, and constant bfing that go along with nursing a newborn just had me worn out. Well after less than a week after I quit nursing I decided to start again. Its been about a week since I started pumping and its going pretty well-I'm getting about 7oz/day. He will latch on, but gets frustrated because there's not much milk. I'm thinking about trying a SNS & just wondered if anyone has used one and what you think. Will my milk come back faster? Is it hard to wean from it? Where can I find more info?

    Just wanted to thank you in advance!

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    Using a SNS is a great idea, and has the added benefit of stimulating the breasts to make milk. I used one for a little while, and they are easy to use. Just remember to turn the side you aren't using upward so you don't get covered with milk! Baby will not be so frustrated when he latches on if he knows he's actually going to get something for his efforts. Good luck with everything! I think its wonderful that you've decided to give breastfeeding a second chance

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    We used an SNS for a few weeks because of latch issues, and had no problem weaning once DB learned to latch correctly. Using the SNS helped a lot with that, since DB learned that he had to be at the breast to get milk.

    I'm not sure what you would gain from it though. It sounds like DB's latch is ok and you have plenty of milk. His frustration may be at a slower flow than he's gotten used to. Could you pump for a minute or two until let down, then put him on the breast? That way there'd be milk right away and it would ease his frustration until he's completely used to being back on the breast.

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