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Thread: Update on Paddy's progress-need some advice

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    Unhappy Update on Paddy's progress-need some advice

    I am attempting to return my 9 month old son to breastfeeding. So far, here's what has happened:

    Tried to hold him in the nursing position and get him to latch. He cried and fussed and wanted to go play.

    Tried using a nursing supplementer. He'll drink from the straw but not while it's attached to mama. The first time we used this he screamed and tore the whole thing off me.

    Tried the SNS again, this time before bed. He latched for ONE second, bit me, then fussed to be put down. I took this as a small step of achievement

    To be honest though, I'm already ready to give up. I know I need to give this a lot more time, but its just really hard sometimes. Sometimes I think if he wasn't teething so badly like he is right now, he would try to latch on more. But he cries sometimes through meals because his teeth hurt him so much. I am 31 weeks pregnant with baby brother, and I've been producing colostrum for a few weeks now. I tried expressing some and enticing Paddy with it, but he wasn't interested. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention how difficult it is trying to hold him in the right position with this WATERMELON strapped to the front of me LOL! Sigh...I just need some encouragement.

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    Red face Re: Update on Paddy's progress-need some advice

    I don't really have any advice, but I can definitely empathize. I've been trying to return my 9-month old to breastfeeding for the last 3 weeks.

    The first time I tried the SNS through a bottle nipple and he sucked for a couple seconds, then wanted to get down and play. He hasn't been willing to try it since. I also tried it through a nipple shield and he really didn't go for that!

    I've tried to make my breasts available to him and he's put his mouth on me a few times--and bit me twice. I try to get him to suck just for comfort, when sleepy--no success, so far.

    It definitely seems like a different game altogether than getting a newborn or much younger baby to the breast. He wants to pull on the SNS tubing or yank the bottle around when I"ve tried it.

    I have to say that the LLL leader nearest to me (58 miles away) has been invaluable in supporting and encouraging me. She's a big reason I haven't just given up. If you can find a LLL leader to talk to, even just on the phone, it can be a big help.

    Why are you trying to get your son to nurse again?

    My son has become allergic to formula and has allergic reactions to any solids I try to give him. So, I'm desparately trying to bring my milk back and get him nursing again.

    Hang in there! And find someone nearby to support and encourage you. It's amazing how much more determined and positive I feel after talking to the LLL leader on the phone!

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