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Thread: Only 2 weeks 2 days until I'm here!

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    Default Only 2 weeks 2 days until I'm here!

    Wow, where has this time gone? My mother thinks I'll wean soon after, but I don't have any plans on stopping soon and neither does DD. There's too much to look forward to as she moves into toddlerhood and starts talking and things like that.

    My favorite part so far is that I can lay down on the couch and she can pull up next to me and nurse while she's standing up and I'm laying down. lol
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    Default Re: Only 2 weeks 2 days until I'm here!

    Good for you! I just started on here myself! I love when ds pulls my shirt up and squeals with delight saying "DEEKIES" (milkies) in a high pitch voice, and then dives onto me standing up.

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