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Thread: Thrush concern

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    Question Thrush concern

    Thrush seems to be an elusive problem with so many different symptoms including being asymptomatic - how do you know if you have it for sure? I have been having some breast tenderness after bf - and my let down is heavy and feels like pins and needles, but I also have brief pain on the left when she latches but it goes away pretty quickly - I assumed this is normal? Just today however I thought I noticed a white spot on her lower gums and our last bf was a struggle - she kept pulling off and crying but then would relatch quickly to just pull off and cry again. She latches and relatches quite frequently to begin with, but I also thought that could be because of the heavy letdown? I also had mastisis 2 weeks ago and took an antibiotic. Any thoughts??

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmyJ
    I also had mastisis 2 weeks ago and took an antibiotic. Any thoughts??
    Taking the antibiotics alone can often trigger a bout of thrush. Anything that is out of the ordinary for you, such as the pins and needles feeling during letdown, if you don't normally have that, you might have thrush. Here are some links for you:




    You also mentioned noticing a white spot on your baby's gums. While I believe thrush is normally seen as white spots on the tongue, once again its something worth checking. Talk to your practitioner tommorrow if you can and get an appointment if you are concerned. I hope you feel better!

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    Yes, it can be difficult to know for sure whether thrush is the culprit, since it may produce very different symptoms in different cases. With your recent history of antibiotics, you are wise to be alert for this possibility.

    Discuss it with your doctor, but also keep in mind there are non-prescription treatments that may be just as effective and cheaper. One way to know for sure that you have thrush is to try treating it -- if it responds to treatment, then that's another clue that it is thrush.

    A good collection of information and links is available here (not a LLL resource):


    Good luck -- hope things improve quickly for you, one way or another.


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    I know exactly where your coming from my son had thrush me being a first time mom I had never heard of or even seen it before him. When I did notice that he had it when I took him to the pediactric urgent care the doctor said he had it really bad. I had all the symptoms that you are having and my son acted the very same way. He went to never crying to crying all the time. The doctor gave us a medicine called nystatin and for us it really didnt work then his doctor gave him genticin violet and that took it away in three days but now its starting to come back. But My advise to you is please take your baby in before it gets bad like my babys mouth did. Just think of you having a yeast infection and how uncomforatble it would be to have it in your mouth. Good luck.

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    My LC gave me a paper about other things to do for yeast/thrush infection. Some highlights

    -Wash hands before and after breastfeeding & going to the bathroom and after changing diaper

    -Use towels and bras only once & limits nursing pad use

    -Wash sheets and laundry on hottest setting possible

    -Boil pacifiers, bottle nipples (if pumping), and pumping flanges each day for 5 minutes

    -Eat yogurt (soy has live cultures too), decrease refined sugars and increase fresh garlic

    -Expose your breast to indirect sunlight or a 60-100 watt bulb held 8 inches away for 10-15 minutes after feeding (haven't quite figured this one out)

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    Here's a treatment for thrush that does not require a prescription. It helped me.


    Grapefruit seed extract can be purchased at a health food store.

    Good luck!

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    My son has thrush. I noticed white patches on his tongue and at his 2 week checkup asked about it. The doctor noticed it was on the inside of his lips and diagnosed thrush. He's on 1 cc 3x's a day of nysatin, and I have a cream to apply. I have to boil any nipples and pacifiers used every day for 5 minutes. The treatment is helping.

    The prescription wasn't priced bad. I think the cream was $11 before insurance, and the cream was just under $5. (could be the other way around.)

    I'm thinking since it's on his lips, it's thrush.

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