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Thread: Iron supplements?

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    Thanks for the quick response.. I have the poly-vi-sol, with iron. I didn't think they had any without iron though. thank you, now I can get the right stuff. I love it when the Doctor tells me what to get, but dosen't really tell me I have options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RABT View Post
    I have not been giving the iron or Vit D supplements that are recommended by pediatricians where I live.

    What's standard by you?
    What we've done is start with rice or oatmeal cereal, which from what I gather has the iron baby needs. My ped. recommended vitamin D drops for my baby. We were getting enough sun, so I didn't at use them at first. But now that our days have become so short and it's too cold outside already, I've ordered the A, C, D-drops at drugstore.com. I don't know if that'll help, being that you're so far away, but I know they carry them. Good luck!

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