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Thread: Help! Not sure if I can breast feed!

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    Take a shot glass and fill w/ warm salty water. Invert on your nipples for 5-10 minutes and it will draw out that stuff and help clear it up. If it smells it's probably not colostrum. Body piercings take forever to heal but you do have several months before your new baby!

    Congrats on the pregnancy btw.

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    Thank you gusy so much, this really helped. I spoke to my doctor, and they called it sebum! Whoch they say comes from dead skin cells and oils from the body. Said just clean it out. Also spoek to a piercer and they said it takes a while to close up, years possibly. SO i was told keep it clean, and I should be fine, but its def not an infection. Thank you all so much :-) I feel so much better now!

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