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Thread: is rice cereal/oatmeal necessary?

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    Default is rice cereal/oatmeal necessary?

    My 6.5 month breastfed LO hates rice cereal and oatmeal. There are some fruits and veggie purees that he likes better. Is there anything wrong with just giving up on the rice cereal and oatmeal and giving him only fruits and veggies? Does he need the iron in the cereal? I don't have any reason to suspect that he is iron deficient.


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    Default Re: is rice cereal/oatmeal necessary?

    My pedi encouraged us to continue with cereal in order to make sure that my LO is getting the iron that he needs. I understand that at his 9-month well check, he'll be tested for anemia, which is standard.

    I would say that cereal probably isn't necessary and to make sure that you are getting enough iron on your diet if you are breastfeeding and maybe try giving him some Poly-Vi-Sol to make sure that your LO.

    My LO hates the taste of Poly-Vi-Sol by itself, so we have snuck it into bottles and mixed it in with his food. He tolerates it much better that way. I can't say I blame him. That stuff is vile!

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    Default Re: is rice cereal/oatmeal necessary?

    From what I have read/learned, human milk contains a more easily absorbed and digested iron. I have just continued to eat iron rich foods myself. We never did the poly-vi-sol or cereal. We tried the rice cereal, but he wasn't a fan of it, and there aren't very many nutrients in it. We started ds with avocados first, as they are packed with good fats and nutrients. He never had problems with anemia. HTH.

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    Default Re: is rice cereal/oatmeal necessary?

    cereal by themselves are I always mix them with his veggie and fruit purees...I have never given them to my baby with milk or by itself.
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    Default Re: is rice cereal/oatmeal necessary?

    Thanks for the replies. I talked to a nurse at my pediatrician's office today and she said that the rice cereal/oatmeal is not necessary for a breastfed baby of his age. So we're just going to ditch it. We'll definitely try the avocados. We're originally from Texas and are big fans of guacamole so our son is bound to love them!

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