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    my bb is almost 6 wks old now. Due to very frequent breastfeeding, he is always being held & carry most of the time. Now he refuse to be put down. He'll only sleep when u carry him (can sleep upto 2-3hrs). But if put him down, he only sleep for 15min only, then cry, then he'll try looking for breast to suck but he eventually suck for few min only (as if he knew if he did that, someone will carry him). Any idea how to make him sleep in his cot?

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    Your baby is likely going through the 6 week growth spurt. He is eating a lot to help him grow.

    You may want to look into wearing your baby using a sling or something similar. There is a section below on baby wearing.
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    Your LO is so used to sleeping in your arms already, I had the same problem when my baby was 4 wks old, and still having the problem now 10 months later . So at around 4 months I introduced the swing.. You might want to try the sling too as mentioned by pp, its very convenient.

    Here's something for you to read:

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    Hi! I know exactly what you're going through - my LO would only sleep if she were on top of us or snuggled in next to us in the bed for the first 8 weeks or so. We never had much luck with the sling (she prefers to be upright), but we did some reading and finally got a pretty good sleep routine going.
    Someone else on LLL recommended this book to me, and I definitely recommed it for you - The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp.
    Follow all of his steps (in order) and it will usually help you get your LO off to sleep.
    You can also read The No-Cry Sleep Solution and The Baby Book by Dr. Sears which are both really helpful, too.
    For us, it really came down to getting a good bedtime routine at night, and sticking to it. Now, ever night, we bathe our LO at 7:30pm, then massage her, and I nurse her while we listen to her African Lullaby CD (this CD is very soothing!) Usually she falls asleep while nursing around 8:45pm, then I transfer her to the bed.
    During the daytime (for naps) I just lie down with her and nurse her to sleep in the bed.
    Just remember to keep nursing your LO whenever he is hungry - they really chow down during growth spurts!
    Good luck!
    and lots of cloth diapers!

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