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Thread: Is it too late for me? Please help.

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    Yes, I think your plan sounds good. I wanted to add that the skin to skin contact you mentioned is great for BOTH your milk supply as well as bringing out baby's natural inclination to nurse. So, that is definitely an important part of the plan. In the beginning, do the skin to skin without any expectation for baby to latch at all. Just cuddle. When you do try offering the breast, many moms find that it is best to offer when baby isn't too hungry. Some try offering in between regular feedings, a little before a regular feeding time, or after giving a partial feeding from a bottle. Just "experiment" as you said. If baby is getting frustrated, stop and try again later. I recently saw a video of a one month old baby that self-latched during skin to skin contact (it was in the bath tub - nice and relaxing). The baby had never latched prior to that. So, it is possible. You might check out the section of these board for relactation/induced lactation for more advice.

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    I agree with the PP. Take it one step at the time and it will work out. And from one flatnippled mommy to the next, I have the flattest ot flat nipples I think. I have never used a shield or anything for them and in the past 3 months they have popped out on there own. Takes a lot of patience but it will happen. Best of luck and

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    I just wanted to say that it IS TOTALLY POSSIBLE to provide for all your baby's needs through pumping. I did it for 3 months, and we just barely got back to the breast this weekend and now she is nursing exclusively.

    I had to set small goals for myself. My first goal was to ditch the formula. To reach that I made goals to pump at least 6 times per day (less then six will cause a decrease in supply), and aim for 8-10 times a day (to build my supply back up). At first I pumped just 10 minutes on each side, but increased that time as the soreness went away.

    You can do it if you want it enough!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SyrNYSalsera View Post
    Almost immediately after we came home from the hospital I had to go back for a very very bad UTI and mastitis. I was wicked feverish and couldn't do much of anything. My husband took care of both my daughter and I....
    I am right there with you, I got mastitis in my right breast and didnt know what hit me and then a few days later got it in my left breast. We have had latching issues from the get go and the masitits really through us both for a loop.
    We have had so many issues and I have no problem admitting I have wanted to give up but not wanted to give up at the same time so many times. At this point while we are working through our issues to try and get a strong nursing relationship I am pumping like a mad woman, it is not an easy task at all, I am sure so many can agree, but its worth it. I really wish you the best of luck and I think as already said you should really get pumping as much as you can and keep trying to get the baby latched.

    Quote Originally Posted by emama View Post
    And most importantly, DON'T get uptight or upset about it. It can take a while for babies to get used to latching and it can take a lot of energy for them. Bottles are so easy. So just EXPERIMENT with your baby - don't think it as anything other than that. If you're anxious, it might make your baby anxious and less likely to want to nurse.
    I definatly agree. Best of luck to you and congrats on your new babe!
    lots of for the cloth dipes!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SyrNYSalsera View Post
    I am so conflicted and want so badly to breastfeed. I found my shield that had been missing and I have a feeding at 10pm EST. I was thinking of trying it again. Is my milk gone? Is it too late? God, I'm praying someone can help me. I've been praying about this non stop for a couple days and I'm hoping someone here might have some answers for me.
    It's not too late! Not at all. There is a forum for relactating mothers further down the forum list. Several mothers are currently working through the process who went as long as 4 months before starting to relactate and eventually latch baby back on the breast. This can be done!

    Quote Originally Posted by SyrNYSalsera View Post
    I think I need to set some small goals first. This just seems so daunting. She's really not breastfeeding right now cause she's so used to the bottle. This is my plan.

    I read some tips on increasing milk supply. Since I'm only currently pumping once a day, I'm going to start by trying to pump every 2-3 hours. I have a great pump. It's double/electric. So, I'm going to first focus on trying to increase my milk supply by pumping more often and having more skin to skin time with my daughter. I have to take the pressure off myself that she'll nurse. Then, once I see an increase in my milk supply, I'll have more confidence. I'll keep trying all the while, but I have to take this one small step at a time or I'll just get overwhelmed by it all.
    The approach that works for you is the best approach. Do you have support? Have you contacted your local LLL Leader? Perhaps an experienced IBCLC?

    Skin to skin contact, lots of opportunities to nurse (no pressure on either of you!), and frequent milk removal (by baby or pump) will help you reach your goal.

    Here's some information regarding getting baby back to the breast:
    http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html (non-LLL resource)

    And here's some information on increasing milk production:
    http://newborns.stanford.edu/Breastf...roduction.html (non-LLL resource--video that shows how to maximize pump output)

    Keep us updated!

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