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Thread: So confused...please help!

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    Unhappy So confused...please help!

    I have a 6 month old and 1 week. I have yet to introduce foods to her and I am really torn up about what to do. For some reason my husband and I were under the impression that I could breastfeed for one year without supplementing with anything even food. Is that an option or is that something that is not to be done?

    We just feel the more developed her digestive track gets along with her immune system from my milk the better she will be.

    Please help and I so stressed about this one.

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    Some people do wait a year I don't think there is anything wrong with that as long as baby is gaining enough weight.Don't worry

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    I think most doctors believe that after 6 months, BM can be lacking a bit in iron, so they will recommend introducing some solids that supply the missing iron. That or iron supplements. That being said, I know some moms who have chosen to BF longer than 6 months without introducing solids and their LOs appear to be healthy and fine. For us, introducing solids is about allowing her to practice and enjoy experiencing new foods, but it is by no means a replacement for BM. We take it slow--at her pace, actually.
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    You are fine to wait longer if you want to. We waited until dd was almost 8 months before introducing her first food, which was bananas and that is about all she would eat (solid wise) for a while. I agree with Gretchen...just go at your own pace and do what feels right. We started b/c our dd seemed interested. She was a little slower than the other babies in her daycare at progressing, but now at 2 she is a super healthy eater and does really well.


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    Other than the iron issue, the concern about waiting too long to introduce solids can be that the baby will not be able to practice different tastes and textures by 12 months (after which s/he will absolutely need solid foods). But of course 6 months is not a magic number and you can absolutely wait until you feel your baby is ready.

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    Thanks so much everyone. I just didn't feel like it was time and I am going to wait until she gives me the signs that she is ready. She is growing great and in the 80th percentile for weight and height so I am happy with that.

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    fyi: if you wanted to introduce something easy that seems to agree with most lo's, watermelon is a great starter and is LOADED with iron. good luck!
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    Our 1st ped said to introduce solids at 5.5 months. My LO was definitelly not ready for that. We had to stop due to an eczema. Our 2nd ped said to delay solids until eczema was gone. So we started solids at 8.5 months. Lydia was definitelly ready even if she didn't like solids a lot. I was breastfeeding her at first and then i was trying to give her try different things without pushing her. Unfortunatelly, grandmoms who were babysitting her had different opinions about this
    After she was 1 she started having her own preferences. I've heard about children who didn't eat solids until they were 18 months old, because they hated solids. Just breast milk. They are just fine and healthy.

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    kelly moms has some great info on delaying solids.
    And the links here at the web site are great too...

    from that last link:
    Human milk is the only food that healthy, full-term babies need for about the first six months of life. The composition of human milk varies according to the time of day and the age of the baby, so that each mother provides the milk that meets her own baby's unique needs. Human milk provides immunity factors for as long as the baby nurses, and many of the health benefits of breastfeeding continue well into childhood and beyond.

    Most solid foods are lower in calories than human milk, of lower nutritional value, and can be difficult for young babies to digest. Introduced early, they can cause unpleasant reactions and even trigger allergies. These problems can be avoided by waiting until your baby is ready for solids. Some parents have found introducing solids before baby is ready to be a waste of time, energy and money.

    Your baby is starting to get ready for solids when:

    he is about four months old
    he becomes more sociable, playing and holding "conversations" with you during a nursing session
    he has a growth spurt and nurses more frequently for a while
    he imitates the chewing motions you make whilst eating -- he is practicing!

    You will know that he is really ready to start solids when:

    he is about six months old
    he can sit up without any support
    he continues to be hungry despite more frequent nursing which is unrelated to illness or teething
    he has lost the tongue-thrusting reflex and does not push solids out of his mouth
    he can pick up things with his finger and thumb (pincer grasp)

    Babies who are ready for solids can usually feed themselves. Mothers often report that they knew their babies were ready when they picked up food from a plate, chewed it, swallowed it, and wanted more.

    Listen to your baby! Babies with a tendency to allergies may refuse solids until later in their first year. As long as they are growing well and are happy and healthy, there is no need for concern

    don't feal pressured into feading if you feal baby isn't ready!
    My last two didn't eat much solid foods intill they were about 9-12 months old and had teeth..
    heres another link that you might find helpfull:

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