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Thread: How to address unkind comments?

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    my second lo did not walk until he was about that age he was a little lazy and did not want to and thought mommy will get me and everything but now i cant keep up but i just smile and walk away and wonder why are people so concerned with otherpeople business and let it go you are the mom you know your lo the best so those other people can just leave but he will come around

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    Quote Originally Posted by CeiCei View Post
    I have found not making a comment at all serves it's purpose with those who only say things like that because they know it will upset you or are trying to belittle you...

    But sometimes these b*tches need to be put in their places!!! Seriously, would any of you any dream of making a comment about someone elses LO's knowing that it might hurt their feelings? I just don't understand the nerve of some of these people. I have certain family friends who are always comparing LO's achievements...it is so immature and I think it makes them feel better to brag about these ridiculous things because they themselves have low self esteem. Please do not let these types of people bring you down and make you feel bad.
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    I must confess that sometimes I enjoy the sarcastic humor.
    For example 'Oh he doesn't walk yet, what's wrong with him?'

    'Well I don't really want him to grow up, I've decided to carry him until he goes to college. Besides it's good exersise for my arms!'

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    Well - how do I adress it was the OQ, right? So it depends on who it is saying it... in a situation such as the one you described, I'd wonder what kind of group of people I'm hanging out with and ask it their companionship is worth it... then if it is, I decide to say something ,like " oh, thank you for your concern, but he's just fine - someone has to take up the tail end of whats 'typical, right?" and smile sweetly -

    if its not a group of people I'm gonna stay around, I'd tell 'em their a rude SOB and need lessons in class. and then leave...

    I mean really - who says that???
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