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Thread: Baby Purees?

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    Default Baby Purees?

    Anyone tried to make purees with breastmilk instead of all the water I'm seeing? Would it be worth while? Anyone who's tried have their child refuse it but not the purees with water?
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    It depends on the veggies I'm using, but I do quite often use breastmilk to puree it. I feel quite proud that I can carry on with the breastfeeding even with his solids!! The other day I did sweet potato, leek and carrot, and just pureed that as it was. But I also did white potato, spinach and cheese, and I pureed that with BM. He loved it!!
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    I used to puree banana and avocado with BM which tasted really good (I did a quality check first) and helped my son to gain some weight.

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    I used to use BM since it was a familiar flavor. Now we do finger foods so not to many purees anymore.

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