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Thread: Tofu pups?

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    Default Tofu pups?

    Hello all. DS is 14 months and I am looking for more ideas for his lunches and dinners. He used to eat tofu cubes on a regular basis, but recently decided that he doesn't like them anymore (no matter how well I think I have disguised them). Has anyone tried Tofu Pups? Do they taste like tofu, or do they have more or a "hot dog" flavor? I don't want to give him real hot dogs because of the nitrates, etc, but I thought the Tofu Pups might be a healthier alternative.

    Also, can you freeze them?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Tofu pups?

    Will likes them. Haven't tried freezing but i don't see why it wouldn't work.

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    Default Re: Tofu pups?

    We don't eat real hotdogs, ewwwww!! But...we love the tofu pups!!! ML hasn't ever had anything but veggie dogs & has loved all of them. BTW, the Morningstar veggie dogs are sold frozen and are very good too.
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