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Thread: Questions about Solids!

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    Default Questions about Solids!

    So I know this probably sounds really crazy but I have a lot of anxiety about starting solids. Don't get me wrong I am really excited but also very nervous.

    Here is what I know for sure ....

    We are not starting until 6mo and we are going to start with Rice Cereal.

    I am not really interested in BLS (sorry I know there are a lot of huge fans on here) for many reasons ... one being the anxiety and another is that DH does not support it.

    I want to do all organic foods as well as home made baby food.

    I want to make sure she remains healty and I want to give her the best start in life in regard to solids.

    My questions ....

    How do I start?

    How much do I give?

    When do I step it up?

    I want to BF until she is too. I know that up until one they dont need solids as a main source. How do I ensure that I do not over do the solids? I know that you should always offer the breast first but what if she wants to keep eating a lot of the solids?

    So basically those of you who did not do BLS how did you do it?

    Any good books out there about introducing solids?

    Thank you for any help you may offer ... I really really need it so I can stop freaking out about this!!

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    Default Re: Questions about Solids!

    This LLL link has some good info
    Click here to find an LLL leader near you...or call 1 877 4 LA LECHE for help now.

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    Default Re: Questions about Solids!

    OK, here is what I did and what I am doing.
    I started with rice cereal for about a week. Then I moved to oatmeal cereal. He liked that better. From there, I fed him Earth's Best (organic) sweet potato, carrots, apples (mixed with oatmeal cereal), pears, bananas, peas, green beans. I did everything for a few days before I switched to a new food. I found that he likes a thicker consistency so I add cereal. We tried peaches from Gerber and he did not like it. I plan on trying it again. Today we tried squash (Gerber). He ate alomost the entire thing! I feed him fisrt, then offer a bottle. I only feed him solids 3 times a day. I asked my ped about meat and moving onto stage two. She said to wait until he is about 9 moths for that (along with the finger food).
    I'm still confused about offering him finger food. I tried a whole green bean and a piece of bread. He just kind of played with both and maybe gummed them a little.
    I hope this helps. If someone has a suggestion about what I am doing, please feel free to add your two cents.

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    Default Re: Questions about Solids!

    My ds is 5 1/2 months, and I'm going to start solids in a couple of weeks. I thought rice cereal is more for people who start solids between 4-6 months. I believe at 6 months you can start with more "real" solids than rice cereal, like cooked/pureed veggies and fruit, isn't that right? I'm going to start with these things and some baby oatmeal, and skip the rice cereal altogether. Curious what other people think about that.
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    Default Re: Questions about Solids!

    I didn't do rice cereal either as I think it tastes yucky... dd is almost 6 months.. and we started solids this week.. I didn't really want to but she was begging.. I only give her some food every few days ... so far she has had avacado(made her to gassy),sweet potatoes, banana, pears, and apple. I actually gave her fruit in the mesh feeder first. She has had oatmeal once. I am not a big fan of the cereals either as other than iron they are pretty nutritionless. If you start solids around 4 months then I think you need to to do rice first as it is the least allergenic

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