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    I'm sure we all have a few pumping tips and tricks we have learned from each other or just from our own experience. I thought it would be fun to share the random little things that keep us going. Here are a few things I've learned in 9 months (and counting!):

    • To help me let down at work I took little videos of my son nursing and emailed them to myself. With most digital cameras and even a lot of cell phones able to take digital video, it's easy and works better for me than photos.
    • I highly recommend learning how to hand express - you never know when you might forget a pump part!
    • Medela and Ameda milk collection bottles are interchangeable. Also, the larger custom inserts for the Ameda Purely Yours fit in place of the flange parts of the Medela PIS. Not sure who this might help, but it came in handy for me one day.
    • When my production is low or during growth spurts I do mini-pump sessions for just 5 minutes between regular pumping sessions.

    Add on!
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    • Envision your milk as the water coming over Niagara Falls
    • Place warm towels/paper towels over your breasts to help with let down

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    This may sound strange but what I do to make pumping easier is what I call 'lube the boob'. Hee hee. I was getting sore itchy nipples from the friction of the pump towards the end of each session. So now I rub a very little bit of lanolin on my areolas before pumping, in effect reducing the friction. I figure if it is okay for the baby and it helps me not have sore nipples then why not!

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    Quote Originally Posted by satchmo View Post
    [*]I highly recommend learning how to hand express - you never know when you might forget a pump part!
    I went to work one day without my pump and OMG - I had to log in and quickly learn how to hand express.
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