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Thread: Thumb Sucking While Eating Cereal

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    Default Thumb Sucking While Eating Cereal

    My baby boy is almost six months old. He opens his mouth nicely for a bite of cereal, but he seems to like washing it down by sucking his thumb with each bite. I say "with" because he won't even wait for the spoon to get out of the way. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now. Do you think he's doing it for comfort? (He only eats cereal once per day right before bed, making it part of our nighttime ritual, so that's why I think it may be a comfort thing.) To help him swallow or to help the food go down? Any other ideas? Ever heard of this before?


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    Default Re: Thumb Sucking While Eating Cereal

    My DS did this when he started solids at 6 months. He is 10 months now and doesn't do it anymore.

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    My DS is just over 6 months, and he did that, too, for about the first week when we started solids (approx. 3 weeks ago). However, he's barely doing it anymore. I felt that he was doing it because it helped him to swallow, since sucking and then swallowing is what he is used to. Although come to think of it, he still does it when we introduce a new food that he doesn't like - maybe to wash the bad taste away!

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