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Thread: Keeping milk frozen while traveling?

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    Default Keeping milk frozen while traveling?

    I'll be moving from Oklahoma to Georgia next week and we'll be driving over 2 days. I have quite a bit of frozen breast milk in the freezer, and I would HATE it going to waste. A cooler full of ice would keep it cold, but I don't think it would keep it frozen.
    Does anyone have any ideas for keeping it frozen for 2 days??
    Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Keeping milk frozen while traveling?

    Is the milk in bottles or bags?

    The things you need are:
    *hard-frozen gel packs or (NOT ice--ice freezes at 32 degrees F, milk freezes at 0 degrees F so ice will thaw your milk faster)
    *styrofoam cooler
    *larger cooler

    What to do:
    *If using frozen gel packs, line bottom of cooler packs.
    *Place milk in syrofoam cooler
    *Fill in all the air spaces with newspaper (make sure your milk isn't touching the sides of the cooler)
    *more frozen cold packs on top
    *tape lid shut
    *put smaller cooler inside larger cooler
    *tape shut
    *do NOT open until you get to your destination

    Once to your location, assure that your freezer has been on and is to temperature. Then, unpack your milk and immediately place in freezer. If the milk is still slushy (has ice crystals), it can be refrozen.


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    Default Re: Keeping milk frozen while traveling?

    I am in the same position you are. I am about to move from Georgia to Oregon but i am flying. i have been doing some reserch on traveling with frozm BM and i have found that dry ice is going to be the best option for me.
    here is a link i found really helpful. Hopefully it will help you.


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