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Thread: lots of poo

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    Default lots of poo

    Since starting solids my baby must poo at the very least, 3 times a day but has had as many as 7.
    He is a happy healthy BF baby but I just can't seem to find any info on babies that GO too much?
    I'm not overly concerned but it just doesn't seem normal.
    I make my own food could that be it?

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    Default Re: lots of poo

    Since DS started on solids, he seems to poo a lot more. He will go at each meal time, pretty much as soon as the first mouthful goes in. He will usually have a poo inbetween meals aswell. Lovely!! I think it's pretty normal, better to be going frequently than clamming up (we had that problem with DS1).
    Claire, Mum to Archie, 5 and Jack, almost 3! Number 3 on the way!

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