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Thread: Consolidating sessions

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    My los are almost 10 months old, they eat 4-5oz from a bottle while I'm away, but I'm pumping about twice what they need. I pump about 9am and 12noon, and they have their bottle at 12. I want to consolidate these pumpings into one pumping session, probably the noon one b/c that's when they want the most milk on the weekend. I've been slowly decreasing the amount of time I pump at 9am while using hand expression to get out as much milk as possible after I pump at the noon one, and I managed yesterday to get exactly what they need at the noon one. I'm scared to entirely drop the first one, I don't want to be stressing over getting enough like I have in the past. What's the best way to consolidate these sessions?

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    Sounds like you're doing the right thing!

    I'm pretty much done with pumping - but when I was pumping alot for my DS I was constantly adjusting my pumping "schedule" by adding / removing pumping sessions and sometimes pumping one side only and sometimes both sides. It all depended on how much my DS was taking at day care and how my supply was doing. If you need to add a pumping session back in - that should tell your body to start making more milk again. It can take a couple of days after adding the pumping session to start seeing results so you'd need to hang in there and be parient.
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