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Thread: playtex drop ins

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    my cousin gave me a bunch of the liners for these bottles, but the packaging that the liners are in has been opened. They have been laying like that in a box full of baby stuff for months in my house. The wrapping is closed up by hand (scrunched closed) but not sealed. I hate to throw them out; are they ok to use? can I clean them somehow?

    Also, can I pump directly into these liners and if so, how do I close them to put them in the fridge?

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    You might want to call the company's 1-800 line and ask about the safety. I know that drop-ins are sterile, but I don't know how much an open package affects that.

    Drop-ins are difficult to hook up to the pump, so you might consider pumping into a bottle that will screw onto your pump, and then pour into the drop-in for feeding. You could store the milk in the drop-in (I would suggest loading the drop-in into the feeding "nurser" and storing that way).


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