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Thread: Do yu feed your baby 100% certified organic foods?

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    Default Do yu feed your baby 100% certified organic foods?

    100% of the time?

    I'm curious what other mothers do. I can't afford to buy all organic but I'm conscientious about the cleanliness of fruits and vegetables and certain fruits that are more heavily treated with pesticides.

    As far as meats go, I don't buy organic for us but I'm wondering, since he's ready to start meats if I probably will.

    Dairy? Probably...

    What do you guys do?

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    Default Re: Do yu feed your baby 100% certified organic foods?

    I am fortunate to live in cali where I can find everything I want organic. It is not cheap, but I know too much to buy conventionally grown stuff. Occasionally if we are out and is really curious I will give ds a bite from my plate. Overall, he gets organic everything though. I buy organic for DH and I as well.

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    Default Re: Do yu feed your baby 100% certified organic foods?

    I put "yes" but I do occasionally allow a non-organic item into her mouth. Almost everything we buy is organic so I don't get anything special for her. ( to raline - I think 'regular' food is scary) The 5% happens when we are out and she nibbles from my plate. We can't always get fresh organic produce. I sometimes use flash frozen fruits and veggies.

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    Default Re: Do yu feed your baby 100% certified organic foods?

    I voted 100%, but it's more like 98%....she eats lunch at school which I'm sure isn't organic and occasionally when we dine out, that is not organic. Everything else in the house is: produce, meat, grains, juices, dairy, everything.
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    Default Re: Do yu feed your baby 100% certified organic foods?

    We can't afford to buy everything organic. A (midwest) local store just started a store-brand line of organic foods, which are cheaper, but they don't have a huge selection, and S gets sick and tired of eating the same thing over and over (which results in refusal of food period, and I find it's better to feed her non-organics rather than nothing at all.)

    I do not compromise on dairy. Any dairy she gets is organic. The produce I buy for her (bananas, broccoli, and so on) is organic. The snacks I buy for her (crackers, fruit & grain bars, cereals etc) are half-and-half, depending on what she'll still eat that is organic, and what we can find &/or afford. We don't buy meat of any kind so that's not an issue for us. Most of the food we buy for ourselves is non-organic so we can handle the grocery budget. She's starting to just eat whatever we cook for ourselves now though, so I guess I'm going to be spending a lot more at the grocery store.

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    Default Re: Do yu feed your baby 100% certified organic foods?

    We try to always go organic for the "dirty dozen".

    Several threads on this topic:


    Some other good resources on what to buy organic:



    According to the Environmental Working Group report (see above link):

    Will Washing and Peeling Help?
    Nearly all of the data used to create these lists already considers how people typically wash and prepare produce (for example, apples are washed before testing, bananas are peeled). While washing and rinsing fresh produce may reduce levels of some pesticides, it does not eliminate them. Peeling also reduces exposures, but valuable nutrients often go down the drain with the peel. The best option is to eat a varied diet, wash all produce, and choose organic when possible to reduce exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.
    and the long version of the EWG "dirty dozen" list (also at above link):

    The Full List: 43 Fruits & Veggies


    1 (worst) Peaches 100 (highest pesticide load)
    2 Apples 89
    3 Sweet Bell Peppers 86
    4 Celery 85
    5 Nectarines 84
    6 Strawberries 82
    7 Cherries 75
    8 Pears 65
    9 Grapes - Imported 65
    10 Spinach 60
    11 Lettuce 59
    12 Potatoes 58
    13 Carrots 57
    14 Green Beans 53
    15 Hot Peppers 53
    16 Cucumbers 52
    17 Raspberries 47
    18 Plums 45
    19 Grapes - Domestic 43
    20 Oranges 42
    21 Grapefruit 40
    22 Tangerine 38
    23 Mushrooms 37
    24 Cantaloupe 34
    25 Honeydew Melon 31
    26 Tomatoes 30
    27 Sweet Potatoes 30
    28 Watermelon 28
    29 Winter Squash 27
    30 Cauliflower 27
    31 Blueberries 24
    32 Papaya 21
    33 Broccoli 18
    34 Cabbage 17
    35 Bananas 16
    36 Kiwi 14
    37 Sweet peas - frozen 11
    38 Asparagus 11
    39 Mango 9
    40 Pineapples 7
    41 Sweet Corn - frozen 2
    42 Avocado 1
    43 (best) Onions 1 (lowest pesticide load)

    Note: We ranked a total of 43 different fruits and vegetables but grapes are listed twice because we looked at both domestic and imported samples.
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    ; multiple food allergies
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    Default Re: Do yu feed your baby 100% certified organic foods?

    Yes, everything DD eats is organic.

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    Default Re: Do yu feed your baby 100% certified organic foods?

    One thing we're going to be starting next spring is joining a CSA (community supported agriculture), which means you "subscribe" to a local (most of the time Organic, sometimes they don't bother getting certified but grow organically) farm and receive a "share" each week for a predetermined fee. Most of the time you end up getting your organic food for cheaper than you can get the non organic stuff in the grocery store. One thing some might see as a drawback though is that you don't pick out what they give you in your share...it's whatever is ripe for the picking...so you might get collard greens, kale, etc and not know what to do with it or not like it...my family and I aren't picky at all and will eat just about anything so we don't have that problem.
    You can see if there's one in your area by going to http://www.localharvest.org/
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    Default Re: Do yu feed your baby 100% certified organic foods?

    I put yes, but only because there wasn't an option that fit better. We buy everything organic for our family when we can find it. IF I'm at the store and they have no organic bananas I'll pick another fruit that is organic. With that said, I know when we eat out it's not organic, so in that sense not EVERYTHING he eats is organic. We try our best though. Cost is never a problem because I know the benefit outweighs the risks.
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    Default Re: Do yu feed your baby 100% certified organic foods?

    I buy everything I can organic. The kids get pretty much everything organic, dh and I eat almost 100% organic too. Luckily we don't eat out too much so I don't worry about that. I wish our families would get on board. I am dreading the holidays because I know nothing will be organic. They think that it is crazy to pay more for organics. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when I bring my kids their own meals.

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