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Thread: Pain While Pumping

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    Default Pain While Pumping

    I just got a PISA and have been using it for about a week before it I was renting a Medela Lactina. With the PISA I am having a burning/stinging sensation in my nipples while pumping. It is kinda painfl but I have been trying to bareit. Could it been that maybe I need bigger flanges....even though they are the same size as what I used with the other pump? I do notice too that with the PISA my nipples swell more. Thanks in advance for you insite ladies

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    Perhaps try increasing the speed? It sounds like your nipple may be drawn into the breastshield for too long. If that doesn't work, try decreasing the suction, too.

    Let us know if that helps!

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    The PIS-A hurts me if it switches out of the let-down phase before my milk has let down. I turn the pump off and back on until it lets down so I'm comfortable. I also get pain if I have the suction up to high, it should be set so that it's not painful.

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