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Thread: Winter Fruits and Citrus Questions...

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    If you can't find fresh ... I'm pretty sure I've seen frozen mangos (and all sorts of other fruits) in the freezer case.
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    Yeah I second the frozen options, over canned (but we do canned pears here too ) I tend to shy away from the cried fruits due to their stickiness. Unless you brush their teeth right away my dentist says thats a big no-no for the little ones... (I tend to listen to him since he's my brother )

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    back - My DS doesn't care for too many fruits... I've tried citrus but he spits it out and makes his "somthing stinks" face... he liked blueberries for a few days then quit... won't eat them now. Used to lvoe apples, not any more.. its like he just doesn't want ot eat them after a day or two - his all time favs are grapes and banana. he'll never turn those down... I got in too late on the fresh peach action - and he loved those... seemingly w/o waning intrest - but alas they're gone now. :mad

    So I'd say as long as D is getting something, you're offering him plenty - I am almost sure of it.

    plus - you could look into baked goods that require fruit - that way if he's not oo hot on the fruit frozen or somthing ,eh's still getting it through the baked item
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    Dried fruits have a high sugar content without sugar being added- it's the same as ordinary fruit, then gets concentrated when the water goes when it's dried- so there's more per weight. Then, as dried fruits are quite sticky, the can cling, with their sugar, to little teeth. So although dried fruits are a lovely idea, they should be restricted for the sake of teeth.

    My LO is 7 1/2 months (so no citrus, dried fruit, or teeth yet!), and I can't tempt her withf ruit of any sort! We've tried banana (mashed and chunks), apple, pear (mashed and chunks), plum. Don't want to do berries yet as potential allergens. Ditto kiwis. I've got a pineapple, though, and am wondering whether that might be okay. Now, give her a stick of broccoli, and that's another matter....

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    Can persimmons be eaten raw? Or do you cook them? For some reason I thought they were like figs.

    I know there are a wide variety of pears and apples, but was thinking he needs more vitamins from other sources??? He does eat sweet potatoes and yams, so he gets his orange foods.

    I just really love all the awesome benefits of mango.

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