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    Angry work

    I have been pumping in an office that is only occupied 1 or 2 days a week. On those days I have to go to the restroom. I have a very open cubical. This morning I came in and warmed up breakfast in the microwave next to this office and notice a backpack inside the door. That isn't normal for the man that uses the office. I looked at the nameplate; lo and behold they put someone else in there that works everyday. I sent an e-mail to my boss saying that I appreciated the use of this office and I realized it was a privilege and not a right. I did feel it common courtesy to let me know someone else would have that office now. It would have been uncomfortable if this person had walked in on me. I also requested to pump at my desk for times sake.

    Was I wrong in being upset? Did I ask too much to pump at my desk? I think work is a big reason moms don't or quit bf'ing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ansley View Post
    I think work is a big reason moms don't or quit bf'ing.

    There will soon be 4 women in my office pumping. We emailed HR regarding a more permanent pumping place and were brushed off. Right now we use the conference room if it is not reserved (but there are frequent meetings in there) and have to work around each others' schedules. There is also a storage room on another floor that we occassionally use if the conference room is unavailable but we have to get a key for it and sit on the floor because there are no chairs. We have jokingly mentioned pumping at our cubicles but realistically none of us would be comfortable with this and our co-workers probably would not be comfortable either.

    If you are comfortable pumping in your cubicle, I say go for it! I would have been upset about the change in pumping place without notice too. Really it would not take much for companies to accommodate these requests for a place to pump but most seem unwilling to do so. It is really frustrating. Good Luck!
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    I think your response was very appropriate! And good for you for seeking a solution. I've heard sometimes people are able to hitch up some kind of curtain at cubicles for privacy.
    I have an office now but I pumped in a restroom when I was in school.


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    Angry Re: work

    I think work is a big reason moms don't or quit bf'ing.

    I completly agree with you my boss acts like it such a hassle for me to have to and pump twice a day for fiteen minutes while I am at work. I personally would like to tell her that she can kiss it where the sun don't shine!

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