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Thread: Low milk supply concerns

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    when i had aliyah (she was a vertical c-section) i was in so much pain and she had jaundice and had to have the blanket..anyway we had a rough start so i supplemented and dont feel guilty about that i did that till she was 3 or 4 mo. it eased my mind and i didnt stress out about my supply as much stressing out over that will really make it low i think so i got it together and i slowly weaned her off the formula... my point? what ever u do dont stop nursing it will get better i promise, if ur baby is hungry and u think u have nursed and he acts still hungry add 1oz or till he acts content...alot of babys to like to nurse for comfort which is ok it will help build ur supply but like the others said i think ur supply is good if later you actually do need fenugreek u can try i was on that and later added blessed thistle and it helped me good luck and dont give up stick to it

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    Default Re: Low milk supply concerns

    Thank you, all this encouragement sure does help. Especially when everyone around me keeps telling me to just give up and switch to formula completely which I of course do not want to do.

    I am so glad I found this forum!

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