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Thread: how old was your baby? what did he/she eat?

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    Default Re: how old was your baby? what did he/she eat?

    My ds is 24 weeks today and since he's been giving the signs of being ready for some time, I decided to try some mushed up banana on his high chair today and watched to see what he'd do with it. He did not know what to do! . I have been reading a lot about BLS and will likely do many aspects of this approach, but today I also gave him a couple tiny spoonfuls of rice cereal mixed with bm to start things slowly. He spit them out too, but I couldn't believe he opened his mouth right up for the spoon and literally grabbed it from my hands and put it in his mouth - on his first feeding!
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    Default Re: how old was your baby? what did he/she eat?

    6 mo. 1 week

    oatmeal and pears
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    We started the week he turned six months old, and started with avocado, a little on his high chair tray for him to play with, and a little mushed. A week or so later we did mushed avocado and banana mixed together with a little breast milk. He loved it. Depending on what we were giving him, we'd give him some on his tray and some in the mesh feeder so he could try it both ways. Also gave him baby oatmeal made with breast milk, which he loves.

    Since then, he's had cantaloupe, watermelon, sweet potato, green beans, broccoli, plain baked potato (didn't much care for it), squash, apples, applesauce, pear (his favorite I think). He still really likes avocado and banana (together and separately) too. Just this week he's had teething biscuits for the first time and loves them.

    Forgot that during Thanksgiving he tried and LOVED lima beans. Also tried English peas.

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    Default Re: how old was your baby? what did he/she eat?

    5.5 months old and Cantalope.

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