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Thread: breast feeding and conception

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    I am 39 and my only child is 3. We have had a very wonderful experience breast feeding and I very much want her to wean on her own. However her father and I have been trying to concieve for 2 years. Both my partner and doctor think that I need to wean her first. Help....Hazel.

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    Sorry you are having such difficulties . First of all you can get pregnant while bfing! Charting is one good way to get to know you're body and when you are ovulating. Not everybody O around day 14 some earlier some later. Check out the fertility section (just a bit below this one) you'll more help plus you can read what some of the other ladies have asked.
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    Hi hazel,
    Welcome and congratulations on your long nursing relationship!
    In addition to the Fertility forum, perhaps some of the information here (LLL) and here (non-LLL, kellymom) will help?
    Let us know what else we can do.

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