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Thread: Enough BM vs. solids?

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    Default Enough BM vs. solids?

    How much solids should my 9 month old be eating right now?

    I work outside of home and pump, and my output has decreased from 3 to 2 bottles for him the next day at daycare. Does this sound typical?

    He eats 2 servings of solids while I am at work and some of whatever we are eating for dinner (he "yells" if we don't offer him some). Lately he has been demanding my breakfast as well. I started out trying BLS but I have never once offered him food and had him refuse it. I think if he had his way he'd eat every thing I eat!

    I have to work hard to maintain my production so I don't want to jeopardize it by "ramping up" too quickly on solids -- I'd like to continue to nurse him for another year. How can I tell if I am feeding him too much solid food?
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    Default Re: Enough BM vs. solids?

    When you are at home, nurse him first and then offer solids. (The same with bottles.)

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