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Thread: How do you start?

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    Default How do you start?


    Dd will be 6 mo on Nov. 25. She is so ready to eat- but I'm just waiting- though she has licked a banana and loved it!

    How much did you start with?
    Which food did you start with?
    When time of day did you do it and how many times a day did you give solids?

    How does this work with bf'ing?

    Sorry- can't remember what I did with ds (he's 5 now)!


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    How exciting that you are getting cues from your LO that she is ready. Here are just a few suggestions:

    -Mashed banana or avacado are good starting foods (and easy to prepare!)
    -Follow your LO's cues in terms of how much to give.
    - Breastfeed first (with my DD I waited about 20-30 min after nursing)
    - Choose a time of day when baby is happy. Mornings are good for introducing new food -- in case there is a reaction you don't want to be up all night with a cranky baby.
    - Once a day is fine at first.

    Most important, you know your baby best; follow her lead! HTH

    ** I just remembered -- I gave DD her first taste of sweet potato on Thanksgiving last year. It was pretty fun!

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    Thank you!
    I think we will start with avocado-

    Last night I turned my head for 1 second and dd grabed a fistful of noddles from my son's plate and was ready to stuff it in her mouth! Good thing I caught it!

    I think she's ready!!


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    dr sears has some good info on his web site

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    My dd is 51/2 months now and I have tried giving her infant cereal now and then and she hates it. Must be too bland or something. But she loves fruits and veggies when she has a nibble off our plates here and there. She is really ready to eat too, and her doc keeps saying start with the ceral....that isn't going to happen she act like it's killing her if I try to get her to eat it. Anyhow, my point is that I am glad to hear about the avacodo...I had no idea that was ok for a baby...and this is my third! No one ever has said avacado as a first food. I am going to give that a shot in the near future. Thanks.

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    Default Re: How do you start?

    We started with some organic rice cereal mixed with banana. I fed it to her once a day at first. Other easy foods are sweet potato and avocado. She eats solids twice a day now, in the morning and late afternoon.

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