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    My husband and I are vegetarians and want to raise our boys the same. What are some high protein foods that any of you have introduced your lo's? At what age did you introduce them? I am dying to have my boys sample some avocado, but not sure if 6 months is too early for this?
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    We started avocado at six months. He loved it!

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    Were Vegetarians too and followed the Super Baby Food book. It has some great protein ideas and recipes. For first foods we did avocado and sweet potato around 6-7 months. The book is vegetarian which I didn't even know when I got it. I didn't do the freezing she suggests because I wanted to have everything fresh. Here is a link:
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    We went for avocado early, too- six months. She didn't like it, though- and still doesn't!

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    Edamame is high in protein and my boy LOVE them. Sometimes he feeds himself with 2 hands at once when I serve him that.
    I started that at 8 months for him.

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    I'm veggie too! I started avocado around 6 months, and my DD loved it. Hey have you seen the site www.wholesomebabyfood.com ? They have tips on preparing and serving avocado as well as lots of other fruits and veggies.

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