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Thread: too young for cheese?

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    Default too young for cheese?

    my baby is 7 1/2 months old. We started her on solids at six months. She eats lots of veggies (though isn't interested in fruit), and almost eats more potato than our five year old some meals. We try a little meat from time to time, which she seems to enjoy. But we are mostly doing baby-led weaning (which means giving solids she can feed herself, and is nothing to do with "weaning" from breast milk), so she gets strips of meat, and probably doesn't actually ingest very much at all.

    BUT, my baby is also underweight (she's WELL off the bottom of the chart, and has gained less than three pounds since birth). The GP is referring me to a paediatrician, and thinks we're not "getting enough protien into her" (her words).

    For the sake of avoiding allergies (which are not strong or frequent, but are present in our extended families), we are not yet giving wheat, dairy, citrus, tomatoes, peanuts or strawberries. But if the poor child is badly undernourished (you wouldn't think so to see her- she's small, but not really skinny, and is alert and very active), then perhaps that is a much more important issue than avoiding food allergies, when there's not much in her famly anyway.

    I was wondering whether being able to give her a nice chunk of cheddar cheese every now and then might really help her cause.

    Any thoughts, please?
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    Hi. Although I wouldn't worry about it because as you said if you are doing child led at 7.5 she is probably not ingesting much, I believe at 7months we had introduced plain yogurt. You have to be really really careful because brands like You baby that are touted for kids have a huge amounts of sugar. (Yo baby has 17grams per serving ) And actual organic string cheese we introduced between 9&10months. If you are really concerned about her weigh and are breastfeeding, I would be block feeding her. She is still getting all of her nutrition from you milk so the trick is to get her to get as much of the fatty hindmilk as possible. I have also heard of women who pump skimming the cream off bottle and feeding that together. I personally have never done this and am doubtful about it. But I have always block fed DJ and his gained 14oz a week until he was 4.5 months old. Once they start moving no matter what things are going to slow, but your best bet would be to increase her fat intake via you. It's really a mistake to rely on their actual solid intake before a year for anything other than fun and exploration. Especially before the point you are actually seeing the food is swallowed (Via the diaper inspection)
    Good luck and HTH.

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    Default Re: too young for cheese?

    thanks for the comments. I would dearly love to keep her solids as an exploration for now, but the truth of the matter is that she was hardly gaining any weight on my milk alone, inspite of my efforts to get more into her (by frequent feeds, switch-feeding, breast compressions etc.). It is clear that she does need more. And as I would strongly prefer not to give formula, then we have to work on the solids. Anyway, I've read somewhere (either this website or The Womanly Art) it's okay to do cheese and yogurt from 8 to ten months, so we're not very far off that now. I have a feeling she'll enjoy cheese- her sister does!


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