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Thread: I left the milk out all night!

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    Default I left the milk out all night!

    My husband came into the bedroom this morning and said "don't get upset but....you left the breast milk in the cooler bag on the counter all night"
    so, is it bad?
    I pumped 2 of the 3 bottles at work around 11:30 am, put it in my fridge along with the cooler pack in the little freezer compartment, then pumped a 3rd bottle around 4:30 and put all 3 bottles in the cooler bag with the freezer pack. I went home after picking up my two boys at daycare and took it out and forgot to put it away.
    My husband discovered it at 7 am.

    I can't find any info that really helps me conclude whether to throw it out. I do have a freezer supply so it's not earth shattering.

    can anyone help me figure out if I should just throw it out (which I am leaning towards)?



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    Default Re: I left the milk out all night!

    Well, it may be too late to do now, but I would have used a thermometer to see what temperature it was at. If you had an ice pack in the cooler, it could possibly have still been cold enough.

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    Default Re: I left the milk out all night!

    If it did not smell bad, then I probably would have used it as soon as possible. I read somewhere (probably on here!) that you can tell by smelling it if it is bad (it has a distinctive smell and you will know when you smell it). I also heard that a baby will refuse it if it is not good kind of like we taste sour milk and then won't drink it.
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    Default Re: I left the milk out all night!

    Since it was so long since you pumped some of it, I would just toss it to be on the safe side. No use crying over it I guess
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