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Thread: Pumping past a year?

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    Question Pumping past a year?

    (Let me just get this out of the way... LOL)

    We made it 12 months!!!

    Now what?!?

    Specifically, I've been pumping 3-4x/day for LO at daycare. I'm not a huge fan of pumping, and I know that some people start slowly dropping those sessions after a year. But I'm not sure that the beginning of cold and flu season is the best time to do it. And do LO's usually just replace BM with cow's milk ounce for ounce? And how is weaning during the weekday going to affect nighttime and weekend nursing?

    Just when I thought I knew what I was doing!

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    Default Re: Pumping past a year?

    No idea, I am sorry, my pump has been collecting dust in the basement since forever (I am LUCKY) but I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on making it to a year, well done!!!!!!

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    Here are some resources on "pump weaning" that may be helpful:


    And there are a bunch more on the LLLI resourcces pages ... but I can't get to them right now. Hopefully I'll add more links later.
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    Default Re: Pumping past a year?

    WOW! Congratulations! I got fed up w pumping well before a years was up. Quite an accompishment. At (I think) 9 months I dropped the afternoon pumping sessions, so during the work week I was/am nursing followed by pumping first thing in the AM and nursing without pumping at night, and on weekends, nursing ad lib in the AM (no pumping) and nursing the twins before bed. My supply gradually went down of course. At 12 months we introduced CM. I see it as another food rather than a replacement for MM (although if I had more MM at this point they'd get less CM).

    My kids have done really well with solids, and they drink less than they used to. Some kids maintain the same liquid intake as they increase their intake of solids. Varies a lot. Mine "auto-regulate". I don't really worry about how much of what they drink. They drink when they're thirsty. They don't when they're not. In the afternoon, by which time they've drunk all the pumped MM, they are offered WCM or water (or once in a while very dilute fruit juice).

    Personally, if you can tolerate it a little longer, it would be great if you could get your child through cold/flu season. DS did fine with the cold he's just getting over, but DD ended up with croup, and all the coughing makes her vomit. However, she's kept down my milk far better than anything she's eaten in the last couple days. I'm amazed at how well she's nursed, considering how congested she is and how swollen her tonsils are (they were actually touching yesterday and she was put on oral steroids). CM makes more mucous, which makes her cough more. Vicious (or should I say "viscous") cycle. I am so glad I had MM to give them through their illness. Even if they didn't eat (solids) well, I know they still got adequate nutrition.

    If you've had it and are ready to stop pumping, know you've done a wonderful job. It sure isn't fun to pump, but geez -- a year of it. Impressive. Sounds like you intend to continue nursing. My kids had no difficulty with the reduced MM and increasing CM over time, but their prefernce between the two remains clear. MM all the way. (Incidentally, most people suggest gradually bringing in CM and not giving it by itself in the beginning. Over a few days, we went 1/4-1/3 parts CM to 3/4-2/3 parts MM, increasing the CM by 1/4 to 1/3 while reducing MM by the same proportion, until we knew they tolerated CM by itself. Start with small volumes so if LO doesn't finish you won't have to throw out your MM...not that I threw it away, either....

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    YA on a year. I have appointed my self the pump queen, HAHA . I pumped for my daugher until she was 2 years 5 months I believe. I started off at 4 times a day, and then when I was finally done I was down to 2 a day being away from her for 10 hours. My daugher still does not drink cows milk, she gets her dairy from plenty of other sources. She still nurses, (phew, she will be 3 on Sunday), though I am starting to limit our nurses to 2X/day. Her dad no longer approves. I enjoyed pumping, but she one day told me she no longer wanted mama milk at daycare. If you feel fine with continuing then by all means, do so! Nothing but good can come of it. But if you are feeling blah about it then you should start slowing it down a bit. Don't stop all at once, I think this may effect your supply. I think that by slowly starting the process, your body will adjust itself so that you have plenty of milk for LO when ever they want it. I also found that once I was done pumping my stress level went way down, I was no longer worried about how much milk I had. Just the other day my DD wanted to nurse I told her they were empty. She says "well wheres your pumper".. SO cute that she remembered!

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