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Thread: Help with bad latch, milk supply

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    Unhappy Help with bad latch, milk supply

    My daughter is now 22 days old. I had some success nursing her in the hospital, but due to a fractured left clavicle she suffered during birth (big baby, small birth canal), I had to start expressing earlier than planned and had to start feeding her with the bottle within a week of birth. I still try to feed her directly from the breast, but it's become so painful the sessions are becoming shorter and shorter and end with both of us in tears. I just can't stop her from taking a shallow latch. And that's after I practically have to fight with her to get her to stop wailing her arms around so I can put her mouth on my nipple. Now it seems I'm not able to express as much, which makes me doubly concerned I won't be able to feed her properly. This problem has now led me down the path to depression, and I can barely think about it without crying. Since, obviously, I have to feed my child regularly (or at least try to), this means I'm crying and frustrated alot. My daughter has lots of wet diapers, but didn't gain any weight between 5 and 21 days old. Can anyone please help? What can I do to make it better? I've done so much reading, studied so many diagrams...I just can't get my child latch on properly.

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    Glad you found us. You are in the right place!
    sorry you are having so much trouble. Have you tried to feed her while she is sleepy? I think a lot of mothers have had success getting a better latch this way because the baby is much more calm then.
    I hope someone comes along with a better answer for you.
    Keep up the good work with pumping and trying to get the baby to latch. And don't forget to do it often, to keep up your supply. Also, hand expression, when done properly, will really make a difference in how much your body will produce.

    Here are some links a gal left me when I had trouble with hand expression. I realize this isn't really what you are asking for, but it is one good way to boost supply until you have that latch down pat.

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    One positive--my lo was still losing weight at this point, so in my mind it's good that yours isn't losing, that means SOME calories are going in to sustain weight.

    Anyway, I can't be of much more help, because I still have the nipple compression, bad latch issues without a LLL contact in my area. We have IBCLC who says all looks fine, tells me to take her off if the latch hurts, and almost never does it not hurt!

    I had the same issues with DS that eventually got a bit better as he got bigger. Some of the things that I did find out with him--I have short nipples almost flat, he has a "bubble" palate (very highly arched like a quarter of a circle), his inability to latch caused supply issues so I don't think his compressing was due to overactive letdown. I do think that DD's may be from letdown being too fast as she has latched from the beginning, feeds quickly most of the time, and coughs and sputters and belches some of the time, so I know milk is coming at her pretty quick in the beginning. I'm hoping that the shallow latch issues resolve some as she grows, too. Her palate is not as high, so my pain is not as great this time (and DS bf for 15.5m, so nipples are not at short now).

    Carol <><

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