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Thread: can anyone help?

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    We have 4 healthy children that I breastfed for their first 2 1/2-3 years. Then we attempted to have another child. I lost the next three. With the exception of one, they were late miscarriages. My sister has graciously offered to be a surrogate for us so that we might have another child. Since my last miscarriage was on May 12, 2006 I decided to see if I still had any milk. I first attempted to pump on May 24th when she came to me with the offer. I only had a few drops of colostrum. I've been pumping every few hours and now am up to about 1 1/2-2 ounces per day. Does anyone know-will this cause me not to ovulate? I will be going through the invitro process shortly -hopefully and don't want to cause a problem. I had hoped to keep pumping to be able to offer some breastmilk to any baby my sister may be able to have for us. I know this may sound very odd. Just wondering if anyone could give me some advice.

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    Here's a link about breastfeeding and fertility I don't know if it helps but I would also ask your doctor. I know they say that you have to be exclusively breastfeeding to not ovulate but I don't know how you would gage it when pumping. I think you will probaby be taking some fertility drugs too which would make you make more than one egg as well. Here's another link about the whole process it says that the drugs also control when you ovulate as well.


    Here's the breastfeeding/fertility link...


    But just to be on the safe side I would ask the doctor.

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    Hi there,
    Not a strange question or situation at all! I think it's great that you are already prepared to give this baby BM!

    You may want to get in touch with a local LLL Leader and see if she knows any IBCLC's in your area that you could speak with about this. It is a question that I will try to find some information on, but I'm not sure how successful I will be.


    Good luck and if I find anything I will let you know!

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