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Thread: introducing pmping after 3 months

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    Default introducing pmping after 3 months

    I am home with my son, but would like to have a supply for 'date night', when I have meetings with clients (i do freelance design work), and just in case.
    my question:
    i am finally not engorged at most feedings how should i introduce pumping and not mess this balance up?

    also we only nurse on one side at a time, have no specific schedule to nursing, just on cue and it often varies. and my ds is 3 months old.

    thanks so much!

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    Default Re: introducing pmping after 3 months

    I pump in the morning, of course thats the only time i am engorged. maybe you could try pumping after the first nursing in the morning. I pump a little before she feeds so she can latch on then when she is finished i pump. I usually get 5 oz. but I have been pumping once a day or every other day since DD was born 2 months ago.

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    Default Re: introducing pmping after 3 months

    I only feed on one side, and I pump the other while feeding...this gives me the best output. Also first thing in the morning I pump about 15-20 mins b4 his first session.

    You can also wait about 30-60 min after his feeding if you want to double pump....
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