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Thread: Is It A Tooth?

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    Question Is It A Tooth?

    My daughter is 3 1/2 months and I think she's teething. Today I saw this white dot on her gums ( not where the teeth are supposed to come, but on the top part of her gum ), I touched and it feels like a tooth ... is it possible for it to grow out from the top of the gum?

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    My son had a small white dot on the upper part of his gums and I too was confused. His ped said it was most likely a calcium deposit which is not uncommon for babies.

    I do think it is possible for your LO to be teething. My son got his first tooth around 4 months.

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    It is rare but some babies do develop teeth out of the normal pattern and get the top ones (or others!) before the bottom two. If there is tons of drool going along with the white spot you're seeing then it's probably teething.

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    is it an actual white dot or you just see a white "bulge" under the gums, like they were sheer? in that case, it is a tooth (when I saw this with my LO I was worried too!) but the way out is still a long one... I started noticing those 'transparent gums' around 2 months ago, and DS has cut his first tooth last friday (but a lower one, whereas the transparency is on the upper gums), so...

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