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Thread: Anxiety! Help (sorry so long)

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    Default Anxiety! Help (sorry so long)

    Well i am not returing to work until Jan 2. And i know that i am extremely lucky to have off as long as i have considering that my baby will be a month old on Friday. and i know the norm is 6 weeks and i am getting 2 and 1/2 months. Anyways, my problem is that i am having MAJOR anxiety about returning to work and leaving her. As of right now, i am the only one that can soothe her and make her feel better (or so i like to think i am) and i keep thinking that she will think that i abandoned her when i leave her at daycare. This is my first child and i just dont know how i am going to be able to leave her.

    It is bothering me so bad to return to work that i am clinging to her! I mean i want to hold her 24/7 and dh is telling me that i am hogging her. I just want to spend every second i can b/c time is just going by so fast and before i know it i will be dropping her off at daycare! Is this normal to feel this way? i mean i know its ok to love your child, but is it ok to "hog" her as my dh would say. I dont even like it when her grandparents come over and want to hold her b/c i feel like they are taking my time Help. I dont want to be like that either. Sorry this is so long, i just had to vent

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    Your supposed to want to hold her thats what babies need. She'll change so much by January so I would wait till then to think about it. You can't hog your baby she needs to eat so frequent and feel safe by mommy. I would try to take things a day at a time. Can you postpone working? I'll say some prayers!

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    You are completely normal!

    Especially as young as she still is! I agree with pp that she will change so much between now and when you go back! 2 1/2 months is about what I had off. I was really concerned about leaving her, but she really will be able to handle it. I promise. The first bit is rough though. If possible I'd recommend trying a few hours at a time at first - just to adjust to the big change. AND, like PP said - don't worry about it yet - just enjoy your time with her right now!
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