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    I am having the same problem, we have tried everything such as cups for prem babies warming the teat, cooling it down, me being in another room. The diffrence possibly being that she is actually taking the milk but is not satisfied by it. I think the thing with our LO is that she just likes the comfort of the breast and she has already at 7 weeks old got her own little habits that she is not able to use when she is bottle fed. I have picked up some tips from this thread to try though. Good luck.:

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    Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. I know how it feels to have to go back to work. I also work at night, so I can relate to how you must be feeling as well.

    Has your DH tried swaddling her before feeding her? I would try that. I think if he holds her close and she is snuggled, it may help. I would also agree to try to get her a bottle before she is starving, so try to get that bottle to her before she gets really upset.

    You could also try feeding her a bottle one of nights that you are home yourself, and perhaps you can see what your DH is going through. Maybe then you could work on some solutions together. I know, I know (all the women out there reading this will scold me), you obviously should breastfeed her, but I am just suggesting you try it one night and see if you can get her to take the bottle. Then you will just need to go pump after the feeding, since you would miss that breastfeeding session with her. Just some thoughts!

    Let us know how it goes!

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    When my dd stopped taking a bottle it was because I was having a problem with lipase. Have you tasted your milk to see if its still good after storing it?

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