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Thread: frozen milk

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    Question frozen milk


    I've been reading other posts and now know that I cannot refreeze ebm. But, I have had a problem with my milk supply and what I do have expressed is so precious. Just a couple of days ago I had to go on a trip that I thought was going to last longer. I brought 3 bottles of frozen milk in a Medela PIS cooler tote with the ice pack in it. I only opened the tote once before I got back home. When I got back the milk had thawed but was still extremely cold; I have put it back in the freezer.
    PLEASE tell me that I can keep this milk!?!?


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    If there were ice crystals in the milk before putting it back in the freezer, then yes. If no crystals, then I would throw it out.

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    Ditto on that. Some new research is saying breastmilk is more flexible than that. However, it's usually best to err on the side of caution. If you plan to use the refrozen ebm, thaw, then test it for changes in smell/taste, then feed. It would probably be wise to not refeed that particular previously frozen portion. Did that make sense?


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