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Thread: Pumping Supersizes my Nipples!

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    Default Pumping Supersizes my Nipples!

    I only pump for occassional use, emergencies, long appts, etc. I have a Medela Harmony handpump.

    When I pump, my nipples tripple in size, and are ultra sensitive. I was told that pumping is actually more gentle then the baby suckling, and so I am wondering if maybe something is wrong.

    I never want pump because it's uncomfortable for some time afterwards. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!
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    Default Re: Pumping Supersizes my Nipples!

    I have been pumping 3-4x/day since dd was 6 weeks old (she's now 9 months) and for at least an hour after every pumping my nipples are gigantic and sensitive. Whoever told you pumps were gentler than baby had it backwards. While some come close, no pump can replicate the suckling that a baby does at breast and most use suction power to express milk vs baby who use their tongue to help draw the milk out. I still wear nursing pads to work, and not because I leak, but to hide my titanic after-pumping nipples. I wouldn't worry unless the actual process of pumping is unbearably painfull (It is still not comfortable for me despite trying lots of different pumps).
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    Default Re: Pumping Supersizes my Nipples!

    Do you have breast shields that are the correct size for your nipples? Several pump styles have different sizes and this - from what I understand - can make all the difference! If the openings are too narrow, you get alot more friction of your aereola and nipple area rubbing against the plastic parts - and that doesn't leave you feeling good.... just a thought. good luck!

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    Default Re: Pumping Supersizes my Nipples!

    I have a Medela Harmony too, and that pump enlarged my nipples more than any other pump I've used. I never had any pain or discomfort, but after pumping it was like GEEZ! LOL. Maybe it's just that particular type of pump.

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    I usually pump once a day, just enough to mix with cereal for meals. I have never had a problem after pumping.

    I use the Avent ISIS manual pump. "The only manual breast pump that's clinically proven effective. Features a Let-down Massage Cushion™ that stimulates a fast, natural milk flow"

    The let-down cushion is a soft rubbery insert that fits into the part that you put your nipples into.

    I'm including the website so you can see it. I love it. They also have elctric ones.



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