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    Hi. I am going to be away from baby for about 36 hours. Will this have an effect on the milk supply? She is fully bf. I will try and pump every couple of hours according to baby's feed but I never get to pump out much when I do it at home and so don't know how succesful I'll be pumping while away.

    I had a bit of a scare the other night when discovered a painful lump on the lower part of right b (I'm not sure but I think it was becuase I started feeding her in bed - lying down and she probably didn't empty it enough). Anyway, after that it took baby about 4 feeds to finally clear it. So now I'm worried about that happening when I'm away. any advice?


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    Try relaxing when your pumping. I had to pump for a day and I had to actually rock and sway for a succesful pump with enough milk. I imagined I was breastfeeding my baby! Also, do you have a good pump?

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